*Cayuga Devon

Devon is the first outside mare we have purchased in over a decade. We fell in love with her at first sight but she was not for sale. However, we let it be known that IF she ever was for sale we were definitely to be contacted. When circumstances changed and we were asked if we were still interested there was no hesitation in saying a resounding, "YES"!! Devon has been a wonderful asset to our herd. She is a substantial mare, a brilliant red, with tons of type, bone, beauty, and huge movement. What we love most about her is her willing, utterly kind, affectionate demeanor to humans and ponies alike. Every morning as the other ponies gallop out to the pastures, Devon stops to check in and get her scratches and love'n...once she's had some affection, then, and only then will she too head off to the day's grazing. Her foals have had this same kind, open approach to life. We are so lucky to have this sweetheart of a mare in our lives and in our program!

Cayuga Devon with foal, Lochinvar DaVinci


Lochinvar DaVinci and Devon at OWPS where Vinny was Res. Grand Champion Sec. A and double Youngstock Res. Champion!


*Cayuga Devon
foaled 2002

Brookside Ambassador
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Friars Ranger
Friars Quicksilver
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Catherston Sapphire
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Castellau Cardinal
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Fownhope Gemini Friars Golden Sunrise
Brookside Gaiety

   Devon had never been shown before she came to Lochinvar. With foal, Lochinvar DaVinci, at side she went out to 4 shows in 2009. Devon took everything in stride. Her first show was OWPS double gold. There she was double blue in the 5-10 yr. Mare class and double Res. Champion Senior Mare! DaVinci, was Reserve Grand at the same show! At the Roseburg show Devon was Champion Mare, and picked up another Reserve Champion at the fall OWPS show behind pasture-mate Lochinvar Portrait of a Lady (who went on to be Supreme that day). It was a very nice start to her show career.


Produce of Cayuga Devon

Gallod Oliver - Sec. C gelding by Nebo Calonog
Prairie Song Sugar - Sec. A mare by Springbourne Boy Blue
Grand Champion Lochinvar DaVinci by Young's Main Attraction

2011 Lochinvar Debonair by Lochinvar Leading Man 

2012 Lochinvar Divinity by Lochinvar Leading Man

2013 Lochinvar Dolce Vita by Lochinvar Leading Man