Lochinvar Dolce Vita
2013 Grey Sec. A Filly (foaled chestnut)

    Lochinvar Porcelain Moon
Lochinvar Dolce Vita is an utterly charming filly who sparkles with charisma, type, and promise. We hadn't planned to retain a foal but who could resist such a sweetheart? We have made this cross three times and it is a magical knick. "Dolly" is a full sibling to Lochinvar Debonair and Lochinvar Divinity, and a maternal half-sibling to Lochinvar DaVinci.

Lochinvar Dolce Vita

Supreme Champion
Lochinvar Leading Man

National Champion &
Supreme Champion

Young's Main Attraction

Bengad Dombeya
Triple Joy Blue Lady
Supreme Champion Lochinvar Portrait of a Lady
Bengad Lynden
Lochinvar Pandora
*Cayuga Devon
Brookside Ambassador
*Friars Llysgennad
*Findeln Onyx
Lianna's CC Ginia
Castellau Cardinal
Fownhope Gemini

Dolly is a huge moving fily with propulsion, balance, and sweeping reach. We think she's got driving pony potential to spare!

Photo on left taken at 2 weeks.
Above photo taken at 2 months.