Some favorites from our photo albums ~

Lochinvar Patience

Lochinvar Patience, captured in a quiet moment by photographer Karen Ulvestad.

Horseplay! Photo by Pat.

Cayuga Devon

A lovely study of Cayuga Devon by Karen Ulvestad.

Lochinvar Princess JulieAnne, at the American National show as a two year old.

Lochinvar Princess JulieAnne, 2 years old, at the American National show in California. Photo by Valerie Dickey.

Lochinvar Pyrrha Moon

Lochinvar Pyrrha Moon, tragically lost to colic at 8 years old.

Kayruss Poppie in harness with Pat

Kayruss Poppie, LOM in 1988, teaching Pat about driving. Jay Bortvedt photo.

Patience in "The Wizard of Oz" production at Century High School

Lochinvar Patience in "The Wizard of Oz". Photo by Candy.

Lochinvar Picasso Red, on the run!

Lochinvar Picasso Red, on the run! Photo by Pat.

Lochinvar Donatello

Lochinvar Donatello. Photo by Tamara Canner.

Snow ponies

Lochinvar mares in the snow. Photo by Pat.

Grand Champion Lochinvar DaVinci

Lochinvar DaVinci. Photo by Karen Ulvestad.

Sadie The Welsh Terrier and friend, Adam

Sadie of Lochinvar, Welsh Terrier, and Adam. Photo by Pat.