Grand Champion Lochinvar Patience
Grand Champion

Lochinvar Patience

Lochinvar Patience
Photo Patricia Cochran

   Patience was the last of Kayruss Poppie's 10 foals and the first to gain a leg for her dam's Legion of Merit.  Patience has been one of our very best show mares.  She is an outstanding driving pony, excels in cones and hazards, safely packs young riders through their first walk/trot lessons and is full of kindness and...well, patience.  We especially love her "leg at each corner" conformation and wonderful Welsh type.  She produced 5 excellent foals as part of our broodmare herd. She is now enjoying her retirement years.

Lochinvar Patience
foaled 1996

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Patience the Lesson Pony
Photo by Karen Ulvestad


Patience and Pat await their turn at Happ's ADT
Photo by Joan Moorhead

Patience and Pat await their turn at the Happ's ADT in March 2009.

Show Ring Accomplishments
Some of Patience's notable wins

*Champion Mare, 1st Yeld Mares -- 2004 American National Show, UK Judge Dewi Evans
*Champion Mare, 1st Yeld Mares, Champion Pleasure Driving -- 2004 Emerald Empire, Judge N. Kalinsky
*Res. Grand Sec. A, Champion Mare, 1st Yeld Mares -- 2004 Emerald Empire, Judge Jane Fisher De Thouars
*Champion Pleasure Driving & Res. Champion Carriage -- 2004 West Coast Spring Show, Judge C. Wing
*Grand Champion Sec. A, Champion Mare, 1st Yeld Mares - '03 EEWPS Judge Tiz Benedict
*Champion Pl. Driving & Res. Ch. Carriage -- '03 NWWC Judge Ted Chiswell

Patience with her pal, Courtney.

Patience has been a willing worker and teacher to many new equestrians. Her current "best" partner is our good friend, Courtney.

Produce of Lochinvar Patience

Lochinvar Persephone
Lochinvar Persephone 1999
by West Abbey Robin Hood

Lochinvar Pied Piper 2000
by *Bengad Lynden
Lochinvar Prestige
Lochinvar Prestige 2006
by Young's Main Attraction

Lochinvar Peregrine 2012
by Lochinvar Leading Man

Lochinvar Phineas 2013
by Lochinvar Leading Man