Meet The Geldings ~

We feel that geldings often carry the banner for a breeding program. Regardless of their jobs, good geldings are worth their weight in gold; whether as a performance pony or simply a child's best friend.
And what child (regardless of age!) doesn't love a pretty pony? Here are some special Lochinvar fellows who have gone out into the world and made good names for themselves. We are so very proud of each of them!

Lochinvar Pendragon
(Bristol Sun God x Kayruss Poppie LOM)
Foaled 1989

   Lochinvar Pendragon was our very first foal registered under the Lochinvar prefix. He has been an extremely successful hunter pony, successfully competing on the A circuit for many years. An excellent school master, Pendy has taught many children how to ride. We have lost count of the number of adults who tell us, "Lochinvar? I rode a Lochinvar pony when I was a kid.""Pendragon?", we ask and they always respond with a huge smile, "YES! That's him!" Pendy is now in his 20's and has a Forever Home with lots of pony loving grand-children. He is excelling in the Leadline classes and giving his kids lessons. Pendragon contributed a leg to his dam's, Legion of Merit award with 394 points. Now in his 20's, Pendy continues to teach children the joys of pony riding!

Lochinvar Pendragon
Photo Nicolette Matt

Photo Karen Ulvestad

Lochinvar Panache
(Jet Arrows Oregon Spring x Kayruss Poppie LOM)
Foaled 1994

   Lochinvar Panache is one of four full siblings: L. Phoenix, L. Phantom, & L. Pandora. Sold as a weanling as a stallion prospect, Lochinvar Panache made his show ring debut in June 2006 at age 12! He won a large, strong Sec. A Gelding class and never looked back. Supreme Championships followed at the gold rated Emerald Empire and Northwest Welsh Classic shows, with a Res. Supreme tacked on for good measure! But this isn't just a halter-line "pretty boy"...Nash is a talented athlete. He is an absolute hoot to drive with a huge powerful trot in three distinct gears. Nash, while not quite achieving a full leg for his Dam's LOM, contributed 231 valued points.

Photo Valerie Dickey

Photo Valerie Dickey

Lochinvar Pied Piper
(*Bengad Lynden x Lochinvar Patience)
Foaled 2000

   Lochinvar Pied Piper is a lovely bay fellow who has spent his entire life being a much beloved
companion and friend to Andrea and her family. They have shared a decade of adventures!

Photos Andrea

Lochinvar Aladdin
(Jet Arrows Oregon Spring x WoodRidge Audacity)
Foaled 1992

   Lochinvar Aladdin lived for years with Ken and Nellie where he was trained to drive and ride. Ken drove him and the grand-kids rode him. After their grand children grew up, Aladdin was sold. He languished for several years in a pasture before becoming the "new best friend" to young Emma. Aladdin carried Emma to many championships in Walk-Trot and a Reserve National Championship in 2008! Like so many geldings, Aladdin has been once again outgrown but still loved. He has gone on to a carefully selected home where a new generation of young riders need his sweet expertise and experience.

Photos Kelly ScottHanson

Lochinvar Chocolate Macaroon
(West Abbey Robin Hood x Lochinvar Debutante)
Foaled 1998

   Avery and Mac were an incredible team winning Short Stirrup Equitation Division and Childrens Hunter Pony championships. Mac has won excellent ribbons throughout the A circuit, often showing under the name "Easy Mac". In fact, Mac didn't get his Welsh papers until he was 10 years old. It took a bit of detective work and a lot of perseverance to acquire the registration that was his birthright. Avery and Mac won regional championships together. Mac is a half brother to our Lochinvar Prima Donna.