A Visit To The Farm

Lochinvar Farm is located in the fertile Tualatin Valley 27 miles west of Portland, OR. Mt. Hood rises over the eastern horizon, providing (on clear days!) a magnificent backdrop to our back pastures. Our farm is small but the views are huge and sweeping! Here are the mares on a rare sunny December day.

We enjoy some amazing sunrises that silhouette the mountain and flood the sky with a wild array of colors. Oregon skies are often grey so clear days and brilliant mornings are a definite treat. But, there is also a real beauty to the land on days full of dark skies...

We find so much solace in the views and unending cycle of the seasons. Really can't imagine a different kind of life, although sometimes in the depth of winter, we dream of warm Hawaiian beaches and palm trees! There is a wonderment to all times of year that we find hard to resist.

March is a month of spring flowers,
rainbows, and fully-budded trees.

Dusk in April: a glorious sunset against the flowering cherry trees.
We love the towering clouds that consume the skies.

The fields in summer with sun and dark clouds simultaneously! Ah, Oregon!

In the fall, the whole color palette of the farm changes. Grey skies tone down everything...
except the brilliant leaves.

The quiet of winter, the thrill of snow.